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Amy Ikui's laboratory studies DNA replication and cell division using S. cerevisae as a model system, with the goal of understanding the molecular mechanism of cell growth control. We aim to understand how cell cycle misregulation is linked to genome instability, which is relevant to tumorigenesis and cancer in higher eukaryotes.

Positions are available

We are seeking motivated undergraduate students and Ph.D. candidates who are interested in cell cycle research. Please send us your CV and a summary of your research interest along with your statement regarding your passion towards scientific research.


Cell cycle in S. cerevisiae and Chlamydomonas

The cell cycle is an ordered set of processes by which one cell divides into two identical daughter cells. Cell cycle progression is driven by Cyclin/CDK complexes. Ikui's research studies how cells coordinate cell cycle progression to maintain genome integrity in S. cerevisiae and Chlamydomonas.

  • A control of DNA replication by Cdk1 and GSK-3

  • A role of PP2A phosphatase during cell cycle

  • Regulation of DNA replication upon environmental stress

  • Cell cycle regulation in green algae

Lab Members

Amy Ikui, Ph.D.

Amy started a new project on Chlamydomonas cell cycle in collaboration with Dr. Fred Cross.

Keiichiro Sakai, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral fellow
Keiichiro studies cell size control and cytoplasmic dilution in yeast.

Gavin Duckett

Ph. D. student (CUNY Plant Science program)
Gavin studies DNA replication in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Lea Schroeder

Lab Manager
Lea studies cell membrane stress and signal response

Yooko Caroll

Yooko helps us to organize our lab.

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